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More Than a Jingle!

The concept of original music (aka bespoke music), often gets lumped into the concept of the jingle. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE JINGLES! (send us all of your jingle briefs please!) Original music has much more to offer your project than perhaps you realized. When we build an original track from the ground up, and you want to have the exclusive rights to control for ever after, you get to own original music in the end if you choose to buy it. A similar, but more economical way is licensing a piece exclusively over a period of time. So, if you want “<your brand here> is awesome!” (the song) to never be changed to “<your competitor’s brand here> is awesome!”? No problem, we’ll get right on that.

Black Label’s diverse offering of talent from far and wide means that we have the same great depth of reach to offer you. We can handle the casting and the contracting of talent if you prefer. Every end-user’s needs are different. Every aspect of the budget can be addressed, revisited, and tweaked until we find a price point that hits the sweet spot. Like our licensing, our budgeting for this type of project can be very dynamic and flexible.

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