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After a long suspension that began in 2019, Black Label’s Internship Program is back! In addition to one of the only music production programs in the country, we added a music business and publishing internship as well. Composition applicants must have a firm grasp of song-writing and self-producing. Music business applicants need to have some music business education. We do not teach you how to write or how to use the software. We teach you the ins-and-outs of writing, producing, pitching, tagging and registering music for synchronization. Applicants will be screened based on the following criteria: first, for those aiming at the creative emphasis program, we listen for compositional ability. Then, we evaluate your technical skill level. You have to have material recorded and mixed by yourself in order to apply. For those on the business emphasis track, we accept candidates with some background in the field or in music business education.

Note: Our 2024 internship applications are closed. Keep an eye on our social media to know when we will be taking applications next!

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