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Black Label composers, musicians, and music advisors are proud to have had a trusted hand in the music development for advertising for these major brands plus many more.


Aibai is an indie electronic producer and composer who has been creating music for several years. Her sound induces an ambient dreamy feeling that transports the listener to another world with spacey synths, warm airy vocals and melodic guitar riffs. Starting her production career while in college in Minneapolis, she since has released a handful of singles, two EP’s, and started performing live shows. Aibai was introduced to Black Label Music as an intern in 2022 then freelanced for Black Label as a writer and released her EP, Disconnected, for synch later that year. She started her position full time in 2023. With the title of Audio Engineer and Music Producer, she is involved in a variety of producing, mixing, and mastering tasks, she also conducts music searches helping find the perfect selection of songs for our clients.


Vincent is a Producer and Award-Winning Vocalist singing, and writing for over a decade. He specializes in R&B and Neosoul and has a passion for studying and exploring new styles and genres of music. Performing professionally for 6 years, he has experience singing at weddings, in church services, jazz ensembles, and notably, his 9-Piece Neosoul band Vinny Franco and the Love Channel.


A former Intern, Vincent is now a producer with Black Label, tackling musical challenges and interfacing with new clients. 


Based in Minneapolis, and launched in 2015, Black Label was founded by Creative Director and composer Ken Brahmstedt. With him is a roster of extremely talented and smart musicians, many who you can find on the Collaborators page. Black Label features an award-winning catalog and top-shelf music from its talented composers and artists. Black Label has created thousands of original works for their catalog, been engaged for dozens of original music campaigns, and helped several companies with their sonic branding. We have successfully licenced and sold our music to hundreds of commercials worldwide, as well as won many TV, and Film placements. Black Label has a potent combination of experience, youth, and incredibly adept artists. Our name, Black Label was intentional. Our music is not “fast fashion”, it’s top shelf. 


Ken Brahmstedt’s nearly 25 years of experience are evident in his supernatural-like ability to understand what a client wants and needs - and the wisdom to know the difference. He can play just about anything, just ask him. Growing up just outside Nashville, he learned to appreciate all types of music, country and western, jk. His extremely wide music palate is reflected in his wide range of genres in which he has written and produced music. Award-winning ad music, indie film scores, children’s musicals… Ken’s done it all. And yes, he also played in bands with names like Prom King and Spork. 

Our Mission: Support Artists

Through many years of internships and Black Label’s Artist in Residency Program, you’ll see from this page and on our collaborators page, that Black Label inherently nurtures a diverse and inclusive community of players and performers. Through intention and curation, these collaborations build a stellar product of music for media, unlike anywhere else. These opportunities are open to those who perhaps would not have segued from commercial or personal music endeavors into the world of production music. A world that we’re proud to be a part of.

In the spirit of continuing to expand our community, Black Label has joined forces with Sound Initiative in their efforts to match Black Music Makers to sync and publishing opportunities. We will promote this opportunity to all the BIPOC people in our network of artists and collaborators, and we will pledge mentorship time for black musicians, songwriters, composers, & producers through through the Sound Initiative platform.

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