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Music Licensing

Here at Black Label Music, we offer top shelf production music licensing and client services. Our accolades include six Mark Awards, two British Production Music Awards, and a handful of Ad Fed show awards on the shelf.

Our clients are accustomed to our speedy, on-point music searches that we offer gratis to any inquiry from an established supervisor or agency. Send us a brief or two and receive a downloadable playlist of works from our highly-produced and curated catalog that we are sure will impress! We always present you with exactly what you are looking for, but we also offer you our expert opinion in the process!

We employ a dynamic approach to licensing: we pay close attention to the details of the term, the territory of the world it will play in, and any customization needs you may have. We work with your budget to make the licensing as easy and sensible as possible. All rights are controlled and under contract by Black Label, LLC, so there is no waiting on permission or checking with the artist or the label.

As a commercial music production company, Black Label’s focus has always been on the creator and the artist. In addition to working with seasoned composers, we’ve been successfully mentoring and training artists and music interns for over 12 years, teaching them about the wonderful world of synch, music production and engineering, and the music biz. In 2019, Black Label started publicly releasing albums to the commercial market to expose our artists to the traditional album market as well. We make best practices paramount in the arenas of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are very proud of our talent base and collaborators. Find many of them here!

Our material is exclusively offered through us for advertising and promotional use and via our sub-publishing network for international music licensing. We are a true “one-stop” in terms of licensing. There is only one entity to deal with when it comes to Black Label. We carefully contract each contributor to keep the rights management very clear. We fairly pay each effort up-front as a work-for-hire or split the fee with the copyright owner. We also grant every writer and performer the props they are due. We have always credited the writer(s) 100% and have never retitled anyone’s previously-published works. Every tune in the catalog is wholly owned, watermarked, registered, and tracked by us. No messiness when it comes to outside interests on one end of the spectrum, and no issues with non-exclusivity when it comes to royalty-free catalogs that are splattered all over the internet without much care for how it being used or where.

Creating diverse and thematic collections is our jam! Our catalog currently is comprised of 170 albums with a total of almost 3,500 tracks. Peruse our award-winning, advertising-friendly collection and you will find that we are tastemakers with extremely wide-ranging sensibilities.  It ranges from full, lush, vocal-driven pop, to minimal underscores and everything in between. Our collection is equipped to respond to requests for any scope of musical need. Some projects call for a hot singer-driven song with a big beat, layers of backing vocals, and a thick stew of production. Others, a quiet or unobtrusive underscore, for example, as you find many of our tracks on the iconic public radio podcast, This American Life.

Artist Development

We search far and wide for the best talent. Here are some examples:

Featured Artist: Bira – Singer/songwriter from Burlington, VT who channels pop and funk in the style of Prince and Michael Jackson. Catch him here before he becomes a household name.

Artist in Residence: Monica LaPlant – Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter who joined us in studio for a six-week residency to produce some fun, snarly rock with teeth.

Strut – We hired two writer/producers from New York to build a collection of some of the most infectious ear candy in our catalog.

Featured Artist: Lee Barbour, Jazz Manouche – Channeling Django Reinhart! Lee Barbour hails from Charleston, SC and produces some acrobatic jazz guitar in the hot club tradition.

Indie Music Licensing Company

Look to us as your music and sound agency! We are one of the premiere indie music licensing and production companies in the U.S. featuring one of the best production music libraries available. We are small yet mighty, with a national (nay, global!) network that allows us to expand in size to a super-group (for example the ability to call on artists and musicians when your project requires a choir and a surround theatrical mix at the finish). We don’t cut corners, and we produce in every genre in its truest form using the best in its field so you receive a product that is genuine. We’d love to match your client’s needs with the perfect musical solutions. We’ve done this so well for so long, we can do it our sleep. Kidding!

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