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Remote and Audio Live Recording for Broadcast

As co-owner of BWN in Minneapolis and Outlaw Sound in LA, Ken’s experience is vast with literally thousands of mixes for radio, TV, streaming media, and dramatic broadcast television and films to his credit. We have a large network of mixers, voiceover studios and talent brokers that we are affiliated with. After two decades of working as a broadcast engineer providing client-focused, service-oriented audio services (as well as composing!), Ken focused his creative energies on building the Black Label Catalog. During the pandemic, most industries focused on WFH (work from home) options. We at Black Label have mastered the technique of remote recording and mixing, and it has given us the opportunity to reach further afield and around the globe! We also have access to real spaces that we can meet in according to your preference. Whether in-studio or remotely, we offer a music/sound design/mix package with competitive rates, commensurate with industry standards, and of course, FCC-compliant.

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