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Our Approach to Audio Branding

Creating a sonic signature either through a signature tune or a mnemonic (audio logo) – takes experience. We’re pretty much auricular oracles.


Branding through audio is a task that requires both risk and trust. Commitment is never easy. Like choosing a logo, it is important to be happy with the end product and to stick with it for a long time. Therefore, we take this very seriously and understand that it will take exploration and in-depth study. We create an audio mood board first as we look at examples of successful audio branding from every corner of the media; a greatest-hits study, more or less. We study the landscape of the competition in whatever field you are in and find any examples of successful audio branding. This helps us to find directions in order to avoid overlap, and demonstrates to you how your company can stand apart through sonic branding.

We have found through experience, that the most difficult part of the process is psychological. Since much of sonic branding hinges on the memory device known as the mnemonic, it is gut-level intuition that really helps in selecting one that can telegraph the brand through this little, often brief tone or phrase. We encourage our clients to commit to their audio branding for a good year or three before pulling their efforts off the air if it just isn’t working for you or your audience. How long did McDonald’s “bah dah bum bum bah” tag at the end of every one of their spots play before you started humming it to yourself? Repetition is key.

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