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An accomplished musician, producer, and composer, Erick is the founder of Blackwave Music Group - an artists-owned collective and record label. After earning music degrees from Florida A&M, IPR, and and Berklee, Erick spent eight years touring, writing, and performing with hip-hop group Atmosphere. A relationship with Rhymesayers saw collaborations with a number of artists, including Felt, Brother Ali, I Self Divine, and BK-One. After a solo release in 2011 (Afrokeys: The Jovian Nomad), he parted ways with Atmosphere and began working on other projects. Recent work includes a song with R&B mainstay Raheem Devaughn, a single on MN rapper Prof's latest album (Motel), soulful downtempo co-production on the Bain album "Love in Blue", and the single "Full Circle" from Blackwave artist EJ.

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