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Our Music Customization Services

We don’t just offer you great music that is award-winning and easy to license, but we offer you some of the best music customization services in the field. Founder and Creative Director Ken Brahmstedt is a twenty-five-year veteran in the industry. Our top-notch music staff will match our music to your project. Nearly every tune in our collection is archived in readily-accessible stem form.

As an added bonus to our music licensing services, customization could be as simple as providing you with the best way to edit the music to tell your story using the mixed track. We can cut it to your picture or narration. Or we can take it to the next level using the stems, or the musical components of the tune (the keyboard, the acoustic guitars, the beat, the oooh’s and ahhh’s, etc.), and manipulate them in a unique way to give us even further control. Want those oooh’s and ahhh’s turned down or off because they conflict with the on-screen dialog? No problem. Want nothing but the oooh’s and ahhh’s to create an a cappella version of the track as an intro before the whole group kicks in? No problem.

We offer a deeper customization option of adding and mixing parts that weren’t in the original track. Our expert music production and engineering staff has access to most of the original artist’s materials and even the artists themselves, which is of great benefit to the customization process. With our network of musicians, tools, and knowhow, we enjoy any creative challenge. Want a lush string section to take over at a dramatic turn of events where once there was a poppy tune plugging away? No problem. We can do that. This is what makes us top of mind when selecting the best music licensing company. We simply offer more.

Try us out, and take us for a test-spin. If you haven’t ever experienced the power of music customization, you might just have a life changing event coming.

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